¿Quieres bailar?

One bright spring morning this exuberant woolly creature appeared at the top of my Carbeth garden. On rainy days it likes to hang out in my shed, quietly knitting socks, but at sunrise, when the birds begin to sing, it can sometimes be spotted performing a joyous dance by the raised beds in which I grow potatoes. It is a kindly but elusive creature and comes and goes just as it pleases. It speaks Spanish and Scots, sometimes both at the same time. On one occasion, it told me that it felt homesick for the vibrant, busy streets of Mexico City. But on another, it spoke lyrically of the Cairngorms, before saying that its heart had always been in the Port of Ness. It enjoys the scent of juniper and gorse, but flavours everything it eats with Chiles de Arbol. It appreciates bright colours, geometric patterns, and the simple beauty of all things made by hand. It loves woven, embroidered, and knitted textiles and is particularly fond of wool. It thinks that comfortable clothes that you can really move in and which suit the environment and the weather are generally the best.

¿Quieres bailar? / Are ye dancin?

Made by Kate Davies in honour of Pilar Obeso Sánchez. Thanks to Applied Arts Scotland, The British Council, and the other women who participated in our Crafting Futures residency: Dalila Rubicela Cruz Fabian, Fiona Hall, and Soledad Ruiz Mendoza. Photography by Tom Barr.

Read more about this project through the following series of posts written during the months of its development:

thinking through things

learning about each other’s processes and practices

exchanging objects

The masks on you!

understanding Indigenous masks: making, wearing, ritual

thinking about costume, performance and play

Work in progress

sharing ideas, developing the project, creating our creatures

Behind the mask

what happens when things don’t work out quite as planned

Creature feature!

Some of the processes and materials of which the finished creature costume is comprised

8 replies to ¿Quieres bailar?
  1. I’m on row 4 of the chart. Is there a way to tell the dominant color from the contrasting color? I’m having a hard time figuring it out based on the photos. Thank you.


  2. Hi ich habe schon einige Pullover gestrickt und würde diesen auch gerne stricken, immer tolle Farben , auch mit langen Armen. Es wäre schön wenn es ihre Anleitungen auf deutsch gäbe. Ich bin ein Fan ihrer Teile.


  3. I absolutely love the colors of your new “Collar de Pilar” yoke sweater. I plan on buying your book and the kit for that (but I will need to add sleeves; it’s cold near the sea in Oregon, USA.)

    That vibrant orange makes me feel warm!!

    Liked by 1 person

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