positive change

When I look back on this year, one of the most interesting things for me personally has been the number of small changes that have occurred in recent months. When one considers such changes individually they don’t seem like much – but when I think of them collectively, their impact on me has really been… Read More

grey: not pregnant

Hello, here is my new hair, and my new cardigan. For quite a while it has been obvious (to me at least) that my hair was no longer naturally brown, but grey. I got to a point a few months ago when I was just tired of the continual touching up. What might my hair… Read More

merely rhetorical

I was serious about that hat (I must make one!) but joshing about the haircut. While I would love to have the sort of locks that would oblige me with a neat, sleek ’20s bob, unfortunately, this strange creature is what appears in the mirror each morning. I have an unruly, frizzy barnet that requires… Read More