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Thanks so much for your feedback on yesterday’s poll! I found the results really interesting and illuminating, but also somewhat troubling, as I wasn’t completely sure that all respondents had a full sense of what Shetland Oo is actually about. We are currently working on two projects. The first, Shetland Oo, marks an interesting departure for us as… Read More

Shetland oo: Poll!

We are currently considering various production options for Shetland Oo and would really appreciate some feedback. We are going to produce a paperback edition of the book as a matter of course, but are also considering producing a more expensive hard bound, beautiful coffee-table style edition. Such a book is more expensive to produce, and, being heavier,… Read More

Lives in oo

So this is the new project we are working on which has (until today) been very much under wraps! It has been on our minds for some time now for Tom to pursue a project exploring the documentary photography he particularly enjoys. . . and what better subject than a place we dearly love, and… Read More