Gudrun Johnston & Mary Jane Mucklestone

One of the best things about working in the field of hand-knit design is that it really is an industry which abounds with good eggs. In my view, two of the very best eggs around are Gudrun Johnston and Mary-Jane Mucklestone: great friends, talented designers, and Shetland enthusiasts. Gudrun spent her early years in Shetland,… Read More

A conversation with Gudrun Johnston

Gudrun I recently had a chat with one of my favourite designers, Gudrun Johnston, and thought I’d bring this to you today. I just love Gudrun’s work. She has this knack of producing designs that are are always classic, timeless and wearable, often using stitch patterns (particularly those originating from Shetland) in really innovative and… Read More

merry mucklemuff

I am currently completely obsessed with the knitterly potential of colourwork tubes. Here is my latest tube – which I have called the Mucklemuff. In Scots, ‘muckle’ is a sort of catch-all emphatic expression which means big, large, or much. This skater’s muff is all of these things, and its name is also a shout-out… Read More

Shetland knitting inspiration

A final wool-week round up . . . Shetland rams at Lunna prize-winning Shetland fleeces Traditional tam in natural Shetland sheep-shades from the Shetland Museum collection. Weaving sample book from the museum collection. Fairisle swatches from the museum collection – some worked as individual swatches, most simply cut from old garments to preserve the pattern.… Read More

Shetland Wool Week

Huzzah for Shetland Wool Week! I have been enjoying: Spectacular landscapes in beautiful weather . . . (The Drongs from Braewick) . . .hanging out with my favourite woolly creatures (Shetland sheep at Lunna) . . .meeting inspiring people . . . (Hazel Tindall) (Mary-Jane Mucklestone) . . . good company . . . (Wool… Read More