A forgotten treasure in the button box.

21 thoughts on “foxy

  1. I have a collection of these buttons, the button above is Horn and was made in England around the 1700-1800 by a Company in Halesowen called James Grove who established in 1740, the factory has been demolished but the company is still in business with a new warehouse no longer making horn buttons but still the oldest button company in England.
    They also made these buttons of Deer,Dogs, Horses etc…
    See http://www.equestrianbuttons.com for other samples this site is still being built and these buttons are still available


  2. So beautiful!

    I have such wonderful memories of my mother’s button box from when I was growing up. I hope she still has it.

    In New York City, in the garment district there are shops that have huge barrels full of vintage buttons. My daughter and I love to go there and run our fingers through them (and pick up a few bags of them for a couple of bucks).


  3. Maybe a little intense but wonderful too- so full of personality.
    I have a couple of furry edges to coats that have found their way to me from elderly aunts- fox and persian lamb. All older than I am at 56. Your button will be easier to use and enjoy.


  4. be this inspiration for a new project?
    I love finding buttons I forgot I owned. I have ONE of this really great button with a maple leaf on it and I don’t know why but this button is my favourite. I’m constantly trying to figure out what I could do that would deserve this one button.


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