Anne Eunson’s artistry

What’s this? A fence?

A fence and a flowerbed?

Take a closer look . . . for this is no ordinary fence. . .

. . .this is a knitted fence . . .

. . . a Shetland lace fence, no less.

This beautiful and imaginative creation is the work of Anne Eunson of Hamnavoe, Burra. Anne loves lace knitting, and how better to express that affection than by completely wrapping one’s garden up in Shetland lace? The fence is fashioned from strong black twine (the same kind that is used to make fishing nets) and Anne knitted it up on specially adapted curtain poles. It took her about three weeks to knit enough lace to surround her front garden, using a 23 stitch repeat of a familiar Shetland lace pattern.

It kills me how the pattern is revealed so strongly, as if it were stretched around the garden on gigantic blocking wires. I gasped when I saw it and really think it is just about the most beautiful fence I’ve ever seen.

I love the way that the lace and Anne’s planting speak to and interact with one another, as the heads of daisies peak through the yarnovers. It is as if the flowers are wearing a shawl, and the shawl has been decorated with flowers. A knitterly Eden! Anne told me that she was really pleased with the finished fence, and says that she now has plans for further lacy additions to her garden. Watch this space, Shetland!

Thanks so much, Anne for your kind permission to write about your work and reproduce these photographs.