Hiya! It is I, Bruce. I am here to tell you about a Fun Walk I had yesterday at Braid Hill with Kate and my buddy, Felix. This walk (which is one of my favourites) begins by Golf Course. Golf Courses are very mysterious human spaces: men walk purposefully about them with large bags and sticks, and occasionally a ball flies by which I am not allowed to chase. Also, Golf Courses are composed of large flat, inviting lawns which clearly say “gambol upon me.” Oddly, though, whenever we encounter one, I am not allowed to gambol but am sternly told to walk to heel. Yesterday, though, I was so happy to be engaged upon the business of Walking with Felix that I got away, and gambolled happily about the Golf Course. Then I did something in the middle of the big green lawn which made Kate shout “Oh No! Bruce!” in that way she often does. So I thought I’d cheer her up by rolling in something a horse had left nearby . . . sadly this did not seem to do the trick.

Felix remained in good spirits, however, and, fully fired up with eau de cheval, we ascended Hill. At the top of Hill it was clearly time for a game, and, after rummaging in the bushes I presented Felix with Old Ball.


Come down from there, Felix, it is time to throw Old Ball.


Look at me prance with Old Ball, Felix.


Time to throw Old Ball again, Felix.


What do you mean, its the end of the game?


Please throw Old Ball again, Felix.


Sadly, there was no more Old Ball fun for me as Kate decided it was time to take some pictures of her new sweater.


Such is life.

See you soon, love Bruce xxx

43 thoughts on “A Walk with Felix

  1. Hello Bruce, you are lucky to have a ball like that. Old and probably smelling wonderful, too! Did you drench it in horse manure? I do hope so. It’s good we have a sea between us, otherwise I would go to you and try to steal it. Greetings from Holland, Bubbles.


  2. Oh Bruce, so handsome! How cruelly you are used! And such a sad face. I know, Bruce, that sometimes a dejected demeanor works but when I am desperate as I am sure you were, try making ’em laugh. Throw yourself down on your back and wiggle and squirm like a dead bug! Dance a bit on your hind legs and then sit on your haunches with paws up and together. Gets ’em every time. Let me know!


  3. Dear Bruce, My name is Jenny and I look very much like you. I like prancing with Old Frisbee, myself. I like rolling in interesting things. I can walk to heel, too. But prefer not to, really. Your friend, Jenny


  4. Bruce there was a writer called Mark Twain (who lived in America) and he sometimes wrote other things too. One of the things he wrote is “Golf is a good walk spoilt” which just goes to prove you are quite right about golf courses. (Mind you I am not sure all the humans would agree.)
    Purrs to you.


  5. Poor, sad Bruce. Maybe if more perfumy piles were around, they would have at least thrown it to distract you. Fake them out next time

    I wish i could go off to Amazon to pre-order “It is I, Bruce”.

    Yes-great sweater, Kate!


  6. Kate, I hate to be the person recommending hilarious YouTube videos, but do search for ‘sad dog diaries.’ It’s some read aloud ‘diary entries’ of dogs coping with the challenges of life (today, I added a fourth circle to my pre-pooping ritual…’). I cried with laughter.

    My smallbeast Lola would like you to tell Bruce that Giant Hoofdog dung is as delicious to eat as it is to roll in, and if you’re small like Lola is you can do both at the same time, but then the dear humans won’t let you give them kisses for a while afterwards.


  7. As usual, such fun to read about life from the being who is Bruce. Nice to see Felix too ! :: waves to Felix::

    Lastly, but is that another Doll Heid sweater I see? Do I now remember reading once how you said you’d like to knit another one, after you did your first? Theres me, trotting off to your Rav. page to see if I can get details. :)


  8. Ah Bruce, my Milly says eau du cheval is only surpassed by the stinky treat that is Dead Bird Carcass. Do you have a strange preference for Old Ball Mangled By Mowers?


  9. Dear Bruce,
    I enjoy your posts very much. ‘Tis sad about the interrupted Old Ball game. But I must tell you I find l’eau de horse droppings very appealing. I, too, do not understand the magical lure of Golf on humans. Such a waste of space!
    I would very much like to come see you but my human, Nin, says you live across the Big Sea. Too far to swim. That is so very sad. I’d have loved to play Old Ball or Yucky Stinky Thing with you.
    Your Canadian friend,
    Miss Zora


  10. Hi Bruce, it’s me, Colin. Lucky you, playing games with balls… I’m 10 now, and we are on holiday in the Ardens, and last week we made some beautifull walks, but now my left paw hurts so much, can’t barely walk… But my mum and the boss are very,very kind to me, and you know, here in the Ardens they have great “saucises d’Ardens”, they taste very yummie…
    My mummie and I, we write also a blog, and from yesterday on we even write in English, is good practice! Paw, Colin x PS.How old are you?


  11. Bruce, your face tells it all, sadness and pouting. I hope you got to take Old Ball home with you for later games. Did you get a bath when you got home? Love the Paper Dolls sweater!!


  12. You need to write a book Bruce, I don’t know, “Frolicking with Bruce”? Your adventures always make me laugh. You’re a good dog. And your owner knits nice sweaters too.


  13. Ah, Bruce. I have no idea how your human companions could resist your sad face followed by your imploring face. I’m made of much less stern stuff and would likely still be there on the hill throwing Old Ball for you. You are such a handsome fellow!


  14. Hiya Bruce – Yesterday in the park I found something delicious to roll in and ended up being shampooed in the kitchen sink, so infra dig! My human is more excited about the sweater than the old ball, very strange…. Your pal Rita


  15. Bruce! Don’t be sad; I’m sure that old ball will be thrown again soon.

    (his face in those last two pictures is heartbreaking! My dog does the same thing!)


  16. OH, horse par-fum hahaha at least you didn’t eat it like truffles like my ‘mad-dog’ does !!
    And that sweater………..AH, we need a little more detail, yes we do !! Nice to see Felix, you and THE Bruce on a very fun part of Edinburgh……….sigh, jealous


  17. Great sweater. Bruce, if I’d been there Felix and Kate could have done the photos and I would have thrown Old Ball for you for a while. Our Border collie(s) make sure I practice throwing things. They train me for repetitions, not distance. More throws-and-catches per hour that way.


  18. Bruce, I just love how you start the posts, with, “It is I, Bruce.” That gets me every single time! I hope that even if your fun didn’t last as long as you like, the rest of the day was just as nice.

    Tell Kate that her sweater is lovely.


  19. Ah Bruce! I follow this blog just for you! I consider it a wonderful day when you post. Keep up the great work. Kate is lovely too, but I am a Bruce fan foremost.


  20. Aaah Bruce I’m sure that Kate is just teasing and she loves you all the more when you when you are smelling of that special doggy perfume eau de horse.


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