Martina Behm will be well known to all of you as the creator of many beautiful shawls that have been made and enjoyed by thousands of knitters all over the world. Often working with garter stitch and using innovative techniques to create interesting shapes that wrap in multiple ways about the body, Martina’s designs seem, in many ways, to epitomise the popularity of hap-like textiles among today’s knitters. I love Martina’s sleek lines, bold shapes, and sense of colour, and was over the moon when she agreed to contribute to the collection.

Martina5 copy

Inspired by the maritime culture and landscape of her home in Schleswig-Holstein, Martina’s Shore Hap mingles historic inspiration and contemporary aesthetics to create a truly stunning design. When creating her hap, Martina drew on the unusual shape of shawls she had seen in the Flensburg Museum . . .

Martina schematic

. . . sailors collars / matrosenkragen . . .

Alexej von Assaulenko, Porträt eines jungen Mädchens (©Museum of Schleswig-Holstein / Alexej von Assaulenko-Kulturstiftung)

. . . and the colours and textures of her Schleswig-Holstein landscape. All these influences are brought together into a striking hap that can be worn in many different ways.

Martina4 copy

Here is Martina to tell you more about her design.

“Dark skies and blue waters, pebbly beaches, brown seaweed, blackened wood and stormy grey clouds – those are the colours of the very north of Germany: Schleswig-Holstein, my home. What shall I say? I grew up here, and despite having lived in warmer and friendlier parts of this planet, I would not want to be anywhere else. The climate is a good excuse to wear wool (almost) year-round, especially around the neck and shoulders – areas that are most affected by winds and weather when taking a walk outside.”

Martina6 copy

“My interpretation of the hap is inspired by the colours of Schleswig-Holstein, that also seem to be the colours most loved and worn by its inhabitants – probably because they are stain-proof and flattering at the same time. Traditional festive dresses of the islands of the North Sea are dark brown with blue trims and sailors, a frequent sight in the cities with big harbours, used to wear blue and white striped uniforms.”

Martina13 copy

“The shape of my hap is that of a modified sailor’s collar with a triangular instead of a square back. This struck me as especially useful, as it can be wrapped and tied in various ways around your shoulders and is likely to stay put and keep you warm, even if you are working around the house and garden, carrying firewood or sweeping your yard.”

Martina11 copy

“The long ends of the hap could be tucked into the front of an apron or skirt – which is probably why I found a shawl shaped like this one in the Flensburg Museum.”

Martina12 copy

“But I am sure you will find your own flattering way to wear this interesting shape.”

Martina6 copy

“Worked in a modern smooth and lightweight superwash merino yarn, it will wash well and keep you good company for many years to come, while its hand-dyed beauty adds to the enjoyment of both knitting and wearing.”

Martina7 copy

“Made entirely in garter stitch, the knitting process is easy and relaxing and will easily fit into your life, no matter how busy.”

Martina1 copy

Thankyou, Martina, for your wonderful hap.

Martina10 copy

So all of the designs in the Book of Haps have been revealed! Jen and I have really enjoyed bringing the haps to you each day, and very much hope that you will enjoy both reading and knitting from your books when they arrive! We are busy here preparing envelopes, and hope to bring you news from the printers in the next couple of days, where the books will shortly be coming off the presses. Pre-orders remain open, and are available here Hap-py knitting, everybody!

30 thoughts on “Shore Hap

  1. I have so enjoyed your daily hap reveals; I actually waited a few days to read this last one, because I just didn’t want them to end! Every one of these designs is beautiful and interesting, I have no idea which to knit first – but I know I’m not going to be stuck for something to knit for a long time. Thank you, Kate, Jen and all the designers and other contributors. I can’t wait to read the finished book.


  2. Wow, what an amazing book launch. I bought the book on day one, already order number four thousand something! The daily emails leave me desperate/eager beyond belief to see the finished book. I hope that this book will be a runaway success; you have certainly worked hard to create something amazing! I can’t wait to see it, and many thanks for the gifts you give us with your beautiful and creative work.


  3. It is a truly special way to introduce these designs. Every design has its story and I feel very honoured to share these. I now can’t wait for my book so that every hap I make (which one first?!?) will then have its own story in my little corner of the world.
    Thank you so much


  4. It has been wonderful looking forward every day to a new hap design. I’ve enjoyed every one of them and the inspiration for them. Beautiful and such varied designs but all carefully and lovingly thought through. I’m quite sad there won’t be one tomorrow, but I’ll just have to start anticipating holding the real book in my hands! Thanks once again Kate and Jen for sharing it all with us.


  5. Beautiful. I love that you have another simple (but striking!) design in your collection. Brava Martina! Thank you, Kate!


  6. Kate–I love the way that you and Jen have revealed each of the haps in your book. The interviews with the creators have been extremely inspiring. I look forward to reading the book and meeting you at Shetland Wool Week in September. Happy knitting, Heidi Cohen


  7. My goodness, this is just an incredible Hap, color and design wise. So many stylish and practical ways to wear it, very versatile. Enjoyed getting a different pattern each day and the story to go along with it. Great way to promote the book and also the designers. Will miss the daily publications. Thanks Kate for the enjoyable posts. .


  8. i will miss not receiving these daily beautiful pictures each morning! Shetland Island is one of my favorite spots in the whole world and these haps are gorgeous.


  9. It has really been fun to see all the designs. I will be watching the mailbox for my copy and in the meantime trying to decide which will be my first hap to knit. I must admit that I like your books for the always interesting narrative. So I just don’t buy them for the ‘pictures’!


  10. i will really miss not getting these pictures every morning! I have enjoyed each and every one. Shetland Island is one of my favorite places in the whole world.


  11. the daily reveals have been so much fun and what terrific talent and beautiful photography. I think you did a wonderful launch of your new book. So lovely and like another commenter said – so much more than just another knitting book. good luck and continued good health – mel


    1. I’ve loved the daily Hap reveals and couldn’t wait each day to see another hap, so exciting. I shall miss them but am really looking forward to the book.


  12. Lovely! Great marketing as well! I hope that many of these photos will be included in the book; it promises to be so much more than just another knitting book!


  13. It’s wonderful to find so many of my favourite and admired designers collected together in one book. I pre-ordered early and have absolutely no regrets. Thank you.


  14. Another lovely one. I’m getting them all in a line in my head, which one to start with, followed by which other one, and so on. And all the lovely yarns I am going to have an excuse, a good excuse, to buy. Thank you Kate. You have revived the hap and brought it to the notice of so many of us that didn’t know much about it.


    1. Kate, Once again another beautiful hap and possibly coincidence that you released this pattern today as I am sitting watching the rememberance service on television from Orkney for The Battle of Jutland so may we take this pattern as a tribute to all sailors and seafarers the world over.


  15. These reveals have been a pleasure to read and I shall stay with your blog having been catching up with some old posts last night. You are truly an inspiration and such a stylish woman (I now have coat envy!) also I have to add that you have a very talented husband; the hap photographs are stunning. I’m so much looking forward to the arrival of the book.
    Wishing you good health and a joyful summer. Nadine.


  16. Hello Kate,

    Wat a wonderfull book have you make with your haps. I have much wishes to knit.
    And the storey’s of the haps where so interested and wonderfull.
    I will ask you, comes the book in Dutch transulate.
    My English is nog so good, know I read the storey’s in my note-book, and I can translate the text.
    Knitting in English, I can with what special effort. But when I buy the book, I like it to read the storey’s.
    When you know the book is coming in Dutch, but when you know that it is not happening, then I think to buy it in English,becose the book is zo wonderfull!
    Thanks for writing and researching all things and knows about the Haps



  17. Lovely. Is that dress from Boden, it looks like one I have in blue. (Sorry, I always get distracted by the clothes in your beautifully styled photos :-) )


  18. WOW!!! I am thrilled that another favorite designer has added another “must make” to this fabulous book. I can hardly wait until it arrives. My husband and I will be reading it together by the fire this Winter here in Western Australia. He has been reading the blog pages and knew this would be a joy to read, soak up the gorgeous scenery, try my best to knit and learn so much from your wonderful stories and research.

    Bravo to your entire team. This book is a treasure, inspirational, and “soul enhancing” as I like to describe special gifts to share. ♥♥♥


  19. J’aime tellement tout ce que vous faites… Bravo pour ce nouveau livre qui enrichira ma bibliothèque et mes rêves ..


  20. I love how many ways this can be styled and it looks great with jeans too. At first I thought of a ballet style wrap then it unfolded into several styles to make this a multi purpose hap. Beautiful styling as with all the Haps.
    I am going to miss the daily reveals but the anticipation waiting to read the essays in the book will make me so haPpy!


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