around the loch

The October weather continues to amaze. I think the landscape where we live perhaps looks its very best on a golden Autumn day.


This is the morning view from our house, across the small loch which sits just behind us to the south. The loch supports an abundance of wildlife and is full of trout, which are happily caught by local ospreys as well as fishermen.


In all seasons of the year, the loch forms a wonderful setting for an afternoon’s circular stroll. This is the view from east to west, toward a neighbours house.


As you might imagine, the loch is one of Bruce’s favourite local haunts. Nothing makes him happier than a swim (except, perhaps, a baked potato). That’s our steading in the middle of the picture.


In the winter, the loch freezes over, and during a particularly cold snap, it is possible to walk across it. From the middle of the nineteenth century through to the middle of the twentieth, it was home to a local curling club.


This is the view back across the loch, looking north.


Reflected in the loch, the autumn landscape looked pretty incredible yesterday.


We were blown away by the colours and the light, and the stunning sight of this rainbow, behind the Campsie Fells.


I thought you might enjoy a wee Autumnal walk around the loch as well.