The October weather continues to amaze. I think the landscape where we live perhaps looks its very best on a golden Autumn day.


This is the morning view from our house, across the small loch which sits just behind us to the south. The loch supports an abundance of wildlife and is full of trout, which are happily caught by local ospreys as well as fishermen.


In all seasons of the year, the loch forms a wonderful setting for an afternoon’s circular stroll. This is the view from east to west, toward a neighbours house.


As you might imagine, the loch is one of Bruce’s favourite local haunts. Nothing makes him happier than a swim (except, perhaps, a baked potato). That’s our steading in the middle of the picture.


In the winter, the loch freezes over, and during a particularly cold snap, it is possible to walk across it. From the middle of the nineteenth century through to the middle of the twentieth, it was home to a local curling club.


This is the view back across the loch, looking north.


Reflected in the loch, the autumn landscape looked pretty incredible yesterday.


We were blown away by the colours and the light, and the stunning sight of this rainbow, behind the Campsie Fells.


I thought you might enjoy a wee Autumnal walk around the loch as well.


98 thoughts on “around the loch

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Perhaps a trip to Scotland in autumn is on the ticket next fall! Thank you for sharing your magical area with us. I can see how inspiring the colors are there.


  2. Those have to be some of the most stunning photos I’ve ever seen, almost too surreal to be true. That’s one talented photographer, thanks ever so much for sharing.


  3. Wow, what a stunning vista and what beautiful images of it you have captured. The one 5th from the end reminds me of some of the landscape paintings from the Hudson River School – seriously blew me away. Not only does it make me want to visit Scotland, it makes me want to run away and live there!


  4. I’m quite speechless. Your photos are so absolutely stunning; they make me want to go to Scotland right now!
    Thank you so much for sharing, Kate!


  5. One day I will have a chance to visit you, bring Bruce some Shmackos to go with his baked potato and go for a stroll around the lock. It would be a wonderful day.


  6. What a charmed life you lead! Well-deserved, I’m sure. These are lovely pictures and certainly make me want to visit Scotland again. Thank you for sharing.


  7. These scenes are gorgeous. I know they are a/ photographs and b/ of Scotland but the colours and sky remind me of paintings by Dutch Masters like Ruysdael and Hobbema!


  8. Every picture tells a story . Your photographs tell a beautiful one . The love of the landscape shines through . Thank you for sharing it with us .


  9. Think I need to read more Scottish literature (I wasn’t sure what “steading” meant and
    had to look it up! Your blog becomes a delightful learning experience in more ways than one!)

    The landscape and photographs are gorgeous. Makes me want to visit Scotland in person.


  10. Lochs, lakes, ponds, rivers in autumn- mist rising, surrounded by trees with brilliant foliage, reflecting clods in the sky – I love these. With your rainbow you’ve done one better! Thanks for posting.


  11. Hi Kate & Tom grrreat views looking forward to enjoying them!!! Fingers crossed weather is as good! Might have a catch up?


  12. Such a gorgeous place! I truly gasped when I saw looked at the pictures just now. Scotland is the home of my heart. I’ve been there several times and attended the University of Edinburgh for my junior year of college. I’ve been to the highlands and have a good friend from Stornoway on Lewis, but I have never seen the likes of this scenery at this time of year. You are blessed to live there.Thanks so much for sharing–you made my morning!!!


  13. I’m still writing up my blog from our cycle tour of the west coast highlands and Hebridean Islands back in July. Just finishing off my Hebridean (Shore) Hap too. We had terrible weather and it was the best holiday ever and we cycled every day and soaked up the scenery. I miss wild Scotland so much, thank you for a “fix”


  14. As though you need another project to keep you busy, I vote for a calendar, too, not only one of the beautiful scenery around you, but also one of Bruce. Thanks for sharing your lovely peaceful autumn morning with us.

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  15. Absolutely stunning photography and scenery! Being part Scottish and never having visited your fair land, I am really itching to go see it firsthand. Is October the best time to travel there? Based on these shots, it would seem so! I had no idea that your trees have beautiful color changes this time of year, same as we do in the US. I’d wrongly assumed that everything was green there, year round. Brilliant!
    And, as if I weren’t already completely enamored by him, Bruce’s love of baked potatoes is certainly another reason! My dogs have always adored them too :-)
    Thank you SO much for starting off my Sunday morning with such incredible pictures!


  16. Kate & Tom,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful surroundings! Can truly appreciate where you and Tom receive your creative stimuli!
    Looking forward to your new projects too!
    Enjoying your creative life from across the pond!


  17. On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 3:06 AM, Kate Davies Designs wrote:

    > Kate Davies posted: “The October weather continues to amaze. I think the > landscape where we live perhaps look its very best on a golden Autumn day. > This is the morning view from our house, across the small loch which sits > just behind us to the south. The loch support” >


  18. I have been reflecting on a theme this morning, ‘The Still Point’. I think your images show it beautifully! It does look like a painting.


  19. Kate, thanks so much for the walk around the loch! I know you never get tired of the views, and I wouldn’t either. Looks a fairy land!


  20. Thank you for the magical carpet ride. The sky, the land, the water, the crispness of the air, and the wonder of the colours of fall all around. Thank you for sharing the beauty that is around you and remind us to look for it where we are too.


  21. wonderful photos. A big thank you for posting. I do love being in Scotland and we haven’t made it there this year so far. I like Spring and Autumn. July and August are so wick with the dreaded midge that I stay away then.


  22. Wow…this is balsam for the soul. At first I thought it was paintings. By some 18-19th century brush magician, but it’s by a 21st century photo magician instead! Absolutely lovely. Though, I wonder (as I always do when passing by absolutely idyllic places near water), how is the mozzie population? Some places here you can get your protein fix through going for a walk with an open mouth.


      1. Too cold for mozzies in Scotland? They don’t seem bothered by that here in Norway. Finnmarksvidda (northern area) has tons despite temperatures dropping to absolutely frigid each winter. -40°C and such… But I agree, midgets are just as bad! Though as a cousin in law of mine (from Finnmark) says, we need to think about the birds. They need food too! 😆


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