A few of you have enquired, in the past, about Tom’s photographs, and the possibility of having them printed.


I’m pleased to say that Tom has now set up an online gallery where you can view and purchase high-quality prints of many of the images he’s taken.


In the gallery you’ll find several of the fantastic photos that Tom shot for our Shetland Oo book…



. . .as well as a selection of images from around our locale.


. . and elsewhere in Scotland.

Burn of Lunklet

Tom’s new photographic identity is Ootlier. This is a Shetland dialect word for those hardy animals – such as Shetland sheep – who, rather than being cared for in a barn over winter, spend those months outdoors. It’s a word I first came across in the poetry of Stella Sutherland, and one that appeals to Tom as both a hardy outdoor animal himself and someone with a background in scientific data (for whom outlier has a different kind of resonance). Here’s the logo Tom’s designed.


At the Ootlier gallery you can select various sizes and kinds of photographic print. These are printed for us at Loxley Colour – a local photographic laboratory based here in Glasgow.


If you have a special request for an image that you’ve seen here on this blog but which is not visible in the gallery please get in touch with us and Tom can see if the image is available for you.


We hope you enjoy browsing the Ootlier gallery!

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37 thoughts on “Ootlier

  1. I really enjoy Tom’s photos and am really thrilled that you are offering them as prints just as I am looking for new artwork for my office! As others have mentioned, when you order the prints, do they come with a description, perhaps the location and time they were taken? Also, should I assume that the sizes provided are in centimeters? (for American followers like me)


  2. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! So happy for Tom and you. I agree with above post….some of the photos of Bruce were totally heart dissolving and poetic! Love them all. Good luck and take care of your health, the rest is all unfolding for you both. JoanieM


  3. Such superb choices for everyone(how hard to chose a mere few); such a keen eye you have & a most wonderful name & logo!
    Congratulations Tom!!!


  4. Beautiful. Congratulations on this new development. Outliers – yes, in my own discipline we’re urged by our staitisticians to “pay attention to the outliers – they have something to tell you”.


  5. While I remember many of these photos from your blog and will see more in
    a recent book of yours I have on order, a bit of description about general location, time of day
    or time of year, something about Tom’s background,
    or any other interesting tidbits would be appreciated. (The photo in and of
    itself is surely appreciated but think some bit of info about it would also.)
    Also, I’m not sure if glossy or lustre is better for putting on a wall.


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