It is curious looking back over the past few weeks. In my mind I spent May just pottering on – writing and thinking, swatching and planning, working on my book and developing new design projects . . . but then I look at where I’ve been, and realise May has actually been a very various and really rather busy month. Obviously I can’t show you images of our actual plans – the new things and new ideas and new collection that’s in the pipeline – and photos of me sat at my desk, typing away in my bumpkin suit would be of interest to no one. But here’s some of the rest of May in pictures

Fun times at Conic Hill

. . .and Loch Lomond

Exploring new opportunities in the Scottish Borders

and with Mel in West Yorkshire

Out and about at Loch Melfort

And Kilmartin Glen

At home.

45 thoughts on “May

  1. This post makes armchair travel rewarding! What I want t know is how Bruce knew to match his ball with Tom’s socks? Well done your two stylish boys.


  2. I have just found your site today and this is the first post of yours I read. Imagine my surprise when I saw what looks almost exactly like my dog! In Scotland! I am in Michigan. If you don’t mind my asking, what breed/breeds make up your lovely pooch? My Rio had a harlequin Great Dane daddy and a Chocolate Lab mommy. He is just a bit more “jowly” than your guy, but I did a double take for sure! I look forward to browsing this site further. I found it, incidentally, because I am looking to try my hand at some colorwork using some vintage Reynalds yarn I found at a thrift store. I found your house sock pattern on Ravelry and it led me here.


  3. Kilmartin Glen! I LOVE Kilmartin Glen! Last summer on our 20th Anniversary Scotland trip, my husband and I stayed a short walk from the places you have shown pictures of. <3


  4. So lovey! I am inspired. I leave tomorrow for a very short week in Ireland, where Oa will get an outing. I hope to visit some standing stones and barrows whilst there – thank you for sharing these, I am now looking forward even more to my trip (and only wishing I could cross over to Scotland)!


  5. My you three have been busy visiting very beautiful places. I too love photo of Tom & Bruce. Like my dog Dunnigan, it would seem that Bruce ALWAYS has a good time. I am so excited about my trip to Scotland this summer. My Happenstance hap is completed and ready to go. Its always great to receive your varied and interesting posts. Thank you Kate.


  6. Lovely photos I am just back from a mini break on the Fife coast the weather was good and the sea side views and walks by the fishing villages were beautiful as were the fish and chips.


  7. I’ve read you for years. As always, this was articulate and personal. You live in a beautiful lication with two good looking guys!


  8. Kate is sounds like it has refreshed you to just be pottering about. Beautiful pictures! I have always thought Bruce to be intelligent and handsome but had no idea as to his actual size until the picture of Tom and him – my goodness he is magnificent and regal – larger than life.


  9. Great photos, and it’s especially nice to see Bruce just being Bruce. I particularly like the photo of him with Tom. Will Bruce be posting anytime soon? His musings about his people are always entertaining.


  10. Tom’s magnificent photos and your mindful writing are a joy for the spirit each time I read your posts—- not to mention when I peruse your books and delight in your knitting patterns.

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  11. Beautiful photos Kate. Home in Scotland for a few days from East Yorkshire and so good to be here. Finished the Uncia hap just before I left and it is stunning even if I say so myself. Ready for my next project. Love your blog.


  12. You know Kate, it’s like looking at pictures of friends. So look forward to new posts, varied and always interesting. Live in Yorkshire, love Scotland so always look out to see if I know the places in the photos.


  13. Looks like you guys have had a wonderful month of exploring. Bruce seems to be very helpful in the Garden.
    What walking boots do you have, they must be comfy and I need recommendations?


  14. Hi Kate…nice seeing you and Tom and Mr Pup, enjoying time together about and round where you live…I have just returned from a Ireland for a wee jaunt…it’s a great time of year to be out and about…cheers pat j


  15. Such lovely photos, Kate. I’m always a bit envious of where you live when I read your posts, then remind myself that it’s beautiful in my neck of the woods too. :-)


    1. Hello, Kristie in BC,
      I hope I am reading your name correctly.
      I am coming to BC, mostly Vancouver Island, in late summer. Might I ask if you have any suggestions for walks and scenery?



  16. Refreshing to the mind and heart and now I’m motivated to go outside and take a deep breath.
    Thank you for this kindness.


  17. So intrigued and excited to know you’re exploring opportunities in Hawick. My husband and I rented a cottage there a few years ago and in addition to falling in love with the Borders, I LOVED exploring the textile capital! Can’t wait to go back and explore it some more. Thanks, as always, for a few beautiful glimpses of your world.


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