Blidö weekend

What would your ideal weekend involve?

Picking and eating delicious wild strawberries?

Discovering a beautiful landscape on foot?

And getting to spend some quality time with its inhabitants?

(The Roslagsfår sheep are so sweet . . . as are their characterful piggy neighbours!)

Visiting an exceptionally well cared-for wee museum and hearing all about island history?

Discovering the work of local craftspeople?

Finding out that your friend is an incredibly talented baker . . .

. . . admiring her productive garden . . .

. . .and enjoying generous hospitality, in a beautiful home that has been truly built with love?

. . . watching the sun sink beneath the horizon, closing another Swedish summer’s day.

Feeling extraordinarily grateful to have found such good friends and kindred spirits in this lovely country.

Thankyou so much, Kristin and Kalle, for a wonderful Blidö weekend!

If you are ever lucky enough to ever find yourself in Blidö I highly recommend a visit to the Hemslöjdsboden (where you can find beautiful hand knit socks and mittens and hand-made utensils carved from juniper wood) as well as to the Båtsmanstorpet where the local village association organise a full programme of events throughout the summer. Roslagsfår sheep are one of Sweden’s rare native breeds, about which there’s more information on the Swedish Fibre site. I’ve returned home with some fibre, and will let you know how I find it!