You may have noticed that we’ve been overhauling a few patterns recently. In some cases, this has involved replacing older yarns or colourways with those more readily available, in others it has meant updating outmoded methods of pattern-writing to reflect my more recent in-house style. Having spent the past couple of years knitting with two yarns only (yes really!) it has been quite nice to swatch and work with a few different things, and one of the yarns I’ve really been enjoying is CoopKnits Socks Yeah!

Socks Yeah is a light, soft sock yarn that’s been dyed, spun and twisted in a way that lends each of its 4 plies a slightly marled appearance. This marled effect lends an interesting degree of subtlety to the yarn, whose principle quality when knitted up is an incredible smoothness.

This smoothness, coupled with Rachel’s contemporary, bold palette makes the yarn a fantastic match for high-contrast colourwork patterns, like my Funchal Moebius.

I confess to a former degree of sniffiness about the use of superwash yarns for anything but socks or kids’ garments, but I’m pleased to say my assumptions have been completely confounded by Socks Yeah. Look how well the yarn speaks to this design! . . .

. . . creating a really light, beautiful wrap.

which can be worn in many different ways.

The other pattern we’ve reworked for Socks Yeah bears similarity to the Funchal design only in its basic circular shape.

The Betty Mouat Cowl (BMC) features the Shetland cockleshell – a stitch pattern whose apparent visual complexity belies a surprisingly simple rhythm, making it a popular choice for countless scarves and stoles in the northern isles.

Because this design is a circular cowl, the cockleshell is somewhat unusually worked in the round: this either involves alternate-round purling, or the use of Susan Stevens nifty no-purl garter-stitch technique (described in the pattern).

Here, the Socks Yeah displays its versatility – producing crisp, well defined openwork just as well as super-smooth high contrast Fairisle.

I love the way the 9 different shades work together in this design! There’s contrast, there’s gradation, and there’s an overall harmony.

In short, with yarn, as with most things in life, it is good to have one’s preferences and assumptions challenged from time to time. And it turns out I am a big fan of Socks Yeah: a fantastically versatile yarn, suited to much more than socks!

If you’ve previously bought either of these patterns, you’ll find them automatically updated in your Ravelry libraries. And if you’d like to knit either a Socks Yeah Moebius or BMC, there are kits available in the shop. Kits include yarn, project bag, and pattern, and the BMC kit contains enough yarn for 3 cowls, one in each of the sizes described in the pattern.

32 thoughts on “new look

  1. Any chance for an offshoot to tweed fabric to go with your tweed yarn, or a tartan? I’m envisioning a takeoff on the “Shuttles and Seawinds” from east coast Canada of years gone by, or Harris Tweed?


  2. I am wondering how the project of Milarrochy tweed is coming along. If this yarn is half as wonderful as your first foray into yarn production, it will be worth the wait.



  3. I, like a previous commentator, love not only your knitting patterns but your clothes style in general. The mobius scarf/wrap is phenomenal – I have to restrain myself from rushing to get the bank card, at least until I have knitted ALL the patterns from your CoS book which I purchased recently. It’s a challenge I set myself you see. 😊 But please keep tempting me!!


  4. Such beautiful photography and styling as always, Kate. And fair play to you for keeping your pattern catalog current by revisiting and overhauling older designs, I think it’s lovely to see the new variations! xx


  5. My issue of text-isles hasn’t been updated either. Could there be some sort of announcement when this is done so I can see if mine was missed? Thanks.


  6. You are SO talented in every way. I know your stroke was an awful thing, but I believe in bashert (Yiddish – things happen for a reason). You make me a better knitter. I love your designs and how you model them. Tom is a lucky man!


  7. Totally agree about Socks Yeah! yarn, a pleasure to knit with and resilient enough to withstand my dog having an opportunistic chew on the yarn cake I was knitting up: always a bonus!


  8. Gorgeous! I like both equally, even though they are so different. But I always feel like superwash yarns make a project grow, if you know what I mean. Kate, where on earth do you get your clothes? I just had to ask. They are gorgeous, especially that frock coat! Do you sew as well as knit?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. BMC was my very first knitting project five years ago! What really annoys me though, and might just stop me knitting it again, is that everyone who has seen it has, without exception, insisted that it is a piece of crochet…..nice pattern updates and surprising use of socks yeah!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. The Betty Mouat Cowl has been on my ‘to do’ list for years, so thank you for reminding me! I love the colours you’ve used in this one, so may well buy a kit. And can I say? – I love your style. These dresses are amazing, and exactly right for showing off your knitting. Can you tell us where they are from? Thanks.


  11. Everything is beautiful! I too have to comment on the jacket/jacket dress worn in the first few photos. Lovely. Don’t you just LOVE gray? People make fun of me when I state that gray is my favorite color. But it IS my favorite color. it is so calming and peaceful – and it goes with EVERYTHING! Thank you ro the knitting and thanks for the beautiful photos. What a team the two of you make!

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    1. Funny, my name is Shirli too (spelled differently) and I’m also a huge fan of gray and for all the same reasons you’ve listed. It’s especially beautiful with a light blue, as one might see in a Swedish decor with old polished woods. I’d love to know where Kate finds such beautiful dresses. This one is especially interesting!!


  12. Hi Kate,

    I purchased Textisles issue 2 which included the Betty Mouat Cowl pattern. Will I be able to get the updated pattern? Textisles is such a great publication. Do you have any plans to produce more?



    1. yes, you should get the update automatically, Ellen – if there’s a problem, just let us know. In recent years, I’ve been trying to incorporate the kinds of work that started off with Textisles into books & collections like Yokes & Haps.


      1. I also have Textisles 2 and would love to make the BMC. I’ve checked Ravelry and so far the pattern isn’t updated. I can’t wait for your new yarn and the winter club to introduce it. It makes the long winter days fly by!


  13. Really gorgeous, I love the contrast in the moebius!

    Not at all yarn/knitting related, but I must ask about the amazing dress – are they enormous bugs/creatures?


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