I know that to those of you who live in Canada, the US, and elsewhere that the noise that we are making on this small island about the current spell of wintery weather might seem a bit . . . histrionic.

But this much snow is unusual for here.

For those who were thinking of coming along, my TEDX talk in Edinburgh has been postponed until next Saturday, March 10th – frankly I’m glad about this – Tom and our neighbours have been digging a route out of the steading which a 4×4 might potentially negotiate, but our local roads have not been ploughed yet, and the drifts along them are several feet deep in places. We can’t get anywhere by vehicle, so, for the time being, are pretty much stuck.

We have not been able to travel to the warehouse to process any orders; and a couple of our expected yarn deliveries have also been held up by the weather. So, if you’ve ordered anything from the shop, be aware that there will be a (hopefully short) delay in shipping out your order, and if you are a knitter waiting for out-of-stock shades of Milarrochy Tweed, these are likely to be available next week, and not this.

But apart from not being able to drive we are absolutely fine: we have a stove, a freezer full of food, and clothes that suit the weather.

I’m topping up the bird feeders

And enjoying the strange, heavy quiet of the blanketed world.

Tom has been taking some wonderful photos . . .

. . . and going to some strange lengths for the perfect snowy shot

In fact, we are all rather enjoying being holed up

and one of us, at least, will never tire of this weather.

If you are in an area affected by the weather, stay warm, and be safe!

love Kate