Isn’t one of the best things about Autumn that it’s sweater weather? I always enjoy seeing knitters around the world wearing my designs, and this enjoyment often comes to a kind of peak around this time of year, when a veritable slew of amazing projects begin to appear on Instagram and Ravelry. I’ve never been to Rhinebeck (perhaps one day?) but whether or not one attends the festival itself, or experiences it (as I do) vicariously online, the fact that this is a time of year when all the knitters suddenly seem to be wearing all the knits is undeniable. I thought you’d like to see some beautiful projects I’ve been admiring on Instagram and Ravelry over the past few weeks.

Some fabulous St Catherine’s cardigans have been completed recently – such as these striped versions by Antje and / Iris

and these single-shade versions by / Christina and Renata

The soft pinks and blues of Cia’s Myrtle and Louise-Ann’s Neepheid both recently caught my eye . . .

. . . and Hanna’s eye was certainly caught by the happy sight of her man wearing the Machrihanish she’d knitted for him around the streets of Cambridge.

Iris’s talented dad, wonderhubbyknits, knitted her a Carbeth pullover . . .

– just one of many wonderful Carbeths which have recently been completed – such as these

by Julie





and Julia

It’s definitely a time of year for getting outdoors in your knits – here’s Angela wearing her Còinneach out on the Pennine Way

and Catherine took her recently completed Rowchoish down for a walk along the shore at St Ives.

Rhinebeck often marks the unofficial deadline for completion of some truly epic knits – among which you might definitely count my Strathendrick design. It’s one of my favourite recent patterns, and seeing knitters in this sweater makes me particularly happy. Here’s . . .



And Sharon all looking fabulous in their Strathendricks!

Finally, here are some beautiful projects pictured at Rhinebeck itself last weekend.

Carol and Becca in matching Epistrophy cardigans, knitted from Carol’s wool.

Courtney in a beautiful Còinneach

and finally Rue, who knit not one, but two amazing Oa hoodies that were worn at Rhinebeck!

I really enjoy your projects popping up on Instagram so if you’d like to share them with me, just use the hashtags #katedavies or #katedaviesdesigns, and I’ll be sure to see them.

Happy autumn knitting, everyone! x

26 thoughts on “Rhinebeck and other sweaters

  1. I was lucky enough to be at Rhinebeck (I happen to live about an hour away, which has its benefits) last weekend and saw 2 beautifully-done sheep heid hats as well as several Carbeths- unfortunately I wasn’t quick (or brave) enough to get pictures!


    1. Ik heb Kate leren kennen door een vriendin en ben ondertussen al aan mijn vierde trui .( en een sjaaltje)..
      Ben niet meer te stoppen.Kate, je ontwerpen zijn super…verlang al om weer nieuwe patronen te ontdekken.


  2. It’s so cool seeing the different color interpretations and all the happy, proud knitters. I am longing for a garment that would replace the “fleece” patagonia-brand hoodie that I have. I love the hood and the big kangaroo pocket and the wear-all-weekend-ness of it, but I’m a KNITTER, darn it! Would it be remotely possible for the Oa Hoodie to have a big ole’ kangaroo pocket in front???


    1. Why don’t you make Oa with vertical slits on each side of the front for pocket entry and then knit a kangaroo pocket liner to attach inside the sweater? That way you won’t be disrupting the pattern on the front, and you can knit the pocket liner in a tighter gauge to wear better. Just a thought…


  3. How wonderful to see all your designs in such Autumnal settings. And such beautiful interpretations of colour. I even recognised Rhinebeck in a couple of photos. After attending Rhinebeck for (I think) 10 years, I (and some of my knitting companions) have decided not to attend anymore. The crowds, prams, rolling luggage and scooters are just too much to navigate within the narrow barns. But I do hope that,at some time, you do go. It is the most amazing place for fibre artists. It has finally turn cold and I can wear my Carbeth. Ready to start another one. I agree with Sweet Enough (***not addicted***)


    1. Hi Josephine, while I was watching some podcasts from Rhinebeck I too thought it’s too much jostling and waiting and queuing for me. It’s on my bucket list but it’s moved down. It looks like an amazing event though. So many resources, so much choice and best of all so much knitting love. Kate your designs are beautiful and loved world wide. That’s clear from the Rhinebeck pics. 🤗🤗🤗


      1. I went once, a decade ago, and it was overwhelmingly crowded even then. Once was enough.

        I much prefer the NH Sheep and Wool Festival, usually held in May — but I almost always have a work obligation that weekend, so haven’t been there in ages. And I will put in a plug for my own guild’s (relatively) tiny, but much bigger than it used to be, festival in September, the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival in Hemlock, NY.

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  4. How amazing to see the variety of interpretations of your designs, as well as in the people who are enjoying wearing them. It was heartening to see a variety of people who are not often seen as knitwear models. Thank you as well for your Handywoman book – I received my copy and could hardly put it down until I finished. You are an inspiration – always.


  5. Yes, you are the MOMA :) What a treat to see all of these sweaters…….will certainly kick start some or all of us to get a move on!!


  6. Love the way your designs look great on such a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and ages! Carbeth takes my favorite raglan and makes it a design feature I’m eager to try out… But the long-range plan is for an Oa hoodie, which I *need* for walking in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Hope I can get up some speed with color work, as autumn is already upon us here! Many thanks for all this inspiration.


  7. I’ve never knitted a sweater for myself, nor done any Fair Isle knitting, but your design , Strathendricks, and the photographs of knitters wearing theirs has really inspired me – as did reading your book Handywoman. Thank you.


  8. Fabulously talented – both designer and knitters. It must be great for you to close that ‘feedback loop’ and see how people have interpreted your designs, Kate.


  9. Beautifully knit sweaters designed by you Kate. Thank you for sharing all of these beauties worn at Rhinebeck with all of us. Imagine that you are one very proud “mama”!


  10. Seeing different versions of your designs must make you feel very satisfied, fulfilled and happy. I’ve been wearing my Myrtle a lot recently, and love it. It is as light as thistledown, and warm too. Thank you for such inspiring patterns.


  11. Wonderfull pictures of inspirational designs made and worn by happy people. That’s what you create Kate!
    I started knitting Strathendrick this week using the Millarochy tweed. Thanks for the pattern and the yarn, it makes me happy too!
    xxx Marjan


  12. Sitting at work snugly wrapped in my newly completed Carbeth cardigan (perhaps a little too warm but I’m not taking it off). It’s not perfect but I love it and am simply amazed that I have made something I can actually wear. Thank you for some easier patterns for us novice knitters. About to start on Stronachlachar (***not addicted***)


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