I sometimes feel that I’m unusual in my love of ends. As a project draws to completion, and especially if it has involved a lot of different shades, I really look forward to sorting all the ends out.

I don’t find this process onerous. It’s just a question of setting aside enough time and being happy to take things slowly.

I put on an audio book, I stitch and snip, and find a curious pleasure in my growing pile of yarn spaghetti.

Somehow the ends enable a renewed appreciation of the colours I’ve selected for a project – I get to enjoy a combination of shades that I’d spent time over, and loved knitting up, in a very different context. And I find something deeply satisfying, too, in the way my gathered ends wind up the narrative of my own process. For in this messy pile, my ends enact an ending.

Now for some blocking! Onward!

Do you enjoy finishing a project? Or are you among the many knitters who, for a multitude of reasons, dislike ends?