moon walk

Hello! We are currently enjoying a very quiet and relaxing winter break. In the absence of any socialising, this has largely involved good food, lots of films and books, knitting (me), creating digital soundscapes from ordinary household objects (Tom) and crisp long walks (both of us, plus dogs). After an extended period of hard work, and a year of no holidays or breaks, we are really appreciating having some space and time to just potter about and I’m definitely hoping for a bit more of this in 2021.

I really enjoy getting out and about at first light, and this morning Tom brought along his camera to capture the clear skies, chilly landscape, and a near-full moon sinking down below the horizon just before sunrise. Will you join us on our early morning moon walk?

lone crow in the treetops
Moon over the Trossachs – Ben Lomond to the right of the image
the moon and me
rosy-fingered dawn approaches . . .
. . . moonlight into sunlight
Brrr! We’re almost home . . .
Time for a cup of tea!