Kaboom! It’s time to introduce another of my favourite patterns from my Secret Coast collection: the Powdermill cardigan

This design was inspired by the explosive story of the Kames gunpowder mill, which was shared with club members in an historical essay by Jamie Stewart Jones. (This essay – like those of all our other contributors – will be included in our forthcoming Secret Cost book).

Powdermill is all about the patterning, in which interlocking diamonds in three bright, primary colours alternate with sparky motifs in two neutral shades.

The simple drop-sleeves are roomy, and gathered at the wrists, with cuffs of corrugated rib.

And, as I’m wearing it, the fit of this cardigan is comfortable and easy (go down a size, and knit with just an inch of positive ease if you prefer a neater fit)

I love the look of vintage jackets with allover colourwork (a feature of Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish design traditions), and when designing Powdermill, I really wanted to combine that traditional allover vibe with something that also felt quite modern, wearable and fresh.

Styled with a yellow dress I certainly find it fresh: really, can you go wrong with bold colour on a grey day?

Powdermill is one of those pieces I just felt incredibly excited by when finished, and couldn’t wait to share. It certainly ranks highly among my personal favourites from the Secret Coast collection! And I blame this cardigan for my current design obsession with allover colourwork (I’m working on a few new pieces in this style)

Club knitters have already chosen some wonderfully different palettes for their cardigans and I can’t wait to see the beautiful range of Powdermills emerging in shades of blues, fuschias, greens . . .

It’s definitely a design that lends itself really well to different colour combinations – which would you choose?

Like the other patterns in the Secret Coast collection, Powdermill is now available as an individual PDF download, or as a kit (including yarn, pattern, project bag and 15% discount) from the KDD shop. And if you are interested in the full design collection (together with accompanying essays and photography), the Secret Coast book will be published in just a few weeks time.